Is Your Car Safe In Roslyn?

Nassau County Police car
Nassau County Police car

Brazen criminals in the Roslyn area are keeping an eye on your auto­mobile, even in your driveway or in front of your house. 

According to police reports, there is an average of close to 50 reported car-related crimes spread throughout Nassau County each week, with many incidents occurring in residents’ driveways during the late night and early morning hours. From cars being ransacked for anything even slightly valuable to vandalism and even full-blown car thefts, the Nassau County Police Department is raising the public’s awareness to preventative measures they can take to keep their property safe and secure.

These crimes seem to be ones of opportunity—and with the county consolidating its precincts in 2012, those opportunities aren’t going away anytime soon.

According to public officials in both Roslyn and East Hills, auto theft is not a problem. Officials with both villages told The Roslyn News that there have been no auto thefts in recent weeks. The only auto-related crimes have been the usual break-ins, often when the vehicle’s owner leaves keys, wallets or pocketbooks in the car, inviting theft.

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