Historic Structures To Be Restored

The Van Nostrand Starkins House located at 221 Main St. in Roslyn. (Photo by Caroline Ryan)

Two historic structures are in the process of being restored by the Roslyn Landmark Society. The Van Nostrand Starkins House, one of the oldest homes in Nassau County began its restoration process two weeks ago. Plans are also in the works to begin the restoration of the Mackay Estate Gate Lodge structure in East Hills.

The Van Nostrand-Starkins House, located at 221 Main St. in Roslyn was built in 1680. Throughout the years, extensive changes and additions were made to the property, particularly in the 19th century when it was owned by the Starkins, and later, Kirby families. In 1966, the Village of Roslyn acquired the property.

Today, the house serves as a museum and contains an important collection of American and Long Island made furniture and decorative arts. The restoration was donated by the Roslyn Landmark Society Board of Trustees member John Santos. Santos is the owner of Island Contracting and will be restoring the building. Improvements will include power washing, replacement of rotten boards, roof and window work, painting and repair of the well cover. The overall restoration will take about a month to complete.

“I would like to see the Van Nostrand-Starkins House become a museum again, open for tours and for the public to enjoy,” said Santos. “The house is in such disrepair that someone needed to help out to save this historic home.”

The Mackay Gate Lodge structure in East Hills has been neglected for several years. (Photo by Caroline Ryan)

The Nassau County Planning Commission (NCPC) approved the subdivision of the Mackay Estate Gate Lodge structure in East Hills on May 9. The property has been neglected for several years and is now littered with garbage and overgrown foliage.
The first step in the process will be to remove the old snack shop. Upon completion, the Roslyn Landmark Society will be putting together a plan for the restoration of the property which may include lighting up the area, adding landscaping and restoring the old clock on the gate lodge.

The Mackay Estate Gate Lodge structure was designed in 1899 by Stanford White and was built from 1900-02 as part of Clarence Mackay’s 560-acre Harbor Hill estate. The structure was added to the New York State and National register of Historic Places in 1991.

For more information on the Roslyn Landmark Society, call 516-625-4343 or visit www.roslynlandmarks.org.

—Additional information provided by the Roslyn Landmark Society


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