Gold Medal For Ethan Wachsman


Ethan_042115AEast Hills resident Ethan Wachsman, along with his teammates from Tokey Hill Martial Arts in Port Washington, recently competed in several major international karate tournaments in Las Vegas, NV. Wachsman competed both in the Junior International Cup and in the U.S. Open, which took place April 2-5. He was awarded an individual gold medal at the Junior International Cup in sparring competition, known as Kumite.

Additionally, Wachsman received two bronze medals, one for his individual performance and one for Team Kumite, at the U.S. Open. Wachsman had the opportunity to compete against the most advanced boys his age from the United States, as well as top competitors from Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Slovakia and Canada, to name but a few of his opponents’ countries of origin. His teammates from Tokey Hill Martial Arts, Calogero Torreta and Ashley Davis had similarly enviable performances. Torreta was awarded an individual gold medal at the North American Cup and a silver in the U.S. Open, losing only to the two-time world champion from Brazil. Davis also was awarded an individual gold medal at the North American Cup. With guidance and intense training from Sensei Christina Muccini, the athletes are vying for coveted spots on the U.S Junior and Senior National Karate Teams, to be determined at team trials in Fort Lauderdale, FL this July. Muccini is herself a former national champion and a fixture on the U.S.A. karate coaching.



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