Goal Setting And Reviews


-By Elaine Kanas, East Williston School District Superintendent

At this time of year, the instructional and administrative staff is busy reviewing our progress on the 2014-15 district instructional goals to make sure we are on-track to complete our SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound goals) that we have committed to for the year and/or to make any necessary adjustments in our action planning. (Go to our website at www.ewsdonline.org for more information.
Recent North Side, Willets Road and Wheatley faculty meetings put aside time to review this year’s goals and initiate discussions regarding SMART goals for the next school year, 2015-16.

The SMART goals support our broad goals, which usually remain constant over several years.

This month and next, building administrators, department chairs, directors and I will be reviewing feedback from the faculty meetings and formulating the draft district goals plan for 2015-’16. Before finalizing, building administrators and I will meet with each of the content area departments for additional input.

After our new District Goals Plan is finalized, we create a staff development plan for the 2015-’16 school year that directly supports the accomplishment of the goals we have set directly to student growth and achievement.

Congratulations Fourth Grade Singers
Congratulations to North Side music teacher Ed Lattari and the fourth grade chorus students. Not only was the music performed so well, but also all the learning the students had done was quite evident. In one example, as explained by one of the student narrators, the chorus chose to sing a song in this year’s concert (Oh Music) that they had also sung in their third grade concert. Last year the students sang it in two-part harmony. This year, the students challenged themselves, singing it in three-part harmony, a very challenging task, which they did incredibly well! Thank you also to North Side music teacher Rachel May who accompanied the students on the cello.

Congratulations And Commendations
Last month, 15 Wheatley students attended the Nassau County Regional DECA Competition. Students competed against 17 other Long Island school districts in various business related categories. Three students qualified to participate in the State Competition to be held on March 4 – 6 in Rochester. Wheatley senior Joshua Jacobs qualified to compete in the Marketing Management category and sophomores Joseph Dinetz and Justin Spar qualified to compete in the Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team category.

The competitors were given specific case studies, which they had 20-30 minutes to review. Based on the information given to them they had to prepare for a “role play” type presentation. Students were judged on their communication, analytical and production skills, as well as their professional manner and ability to support their ideas and answer detailed questions, on the spot. The judges were all local business professionals. We are extremely proud of our qualifiers and are excited to see them compete at the DECA State competition. Congratulations as well to DECA advisor and Wheatley business teacher Kristen Malik.

As always, email me at kanase@ewsdonline.org or call me at 516-333-3758 with any questions, suggestions and/or any topics you would to see publicized.


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