Go Long For Luke Fundraiser


Luke_091615This Sunday, Sept. 20, from 3 to 5 p.m., one of Roslyn’s most popular fundraising activities will take place as the annual Go Long For Luke touch football event will be held at The Park At East Hills.

The fundraiser is now celebrating its third year. Roslyn residents can sign up to play flag football or make a donation for the charity event . As in past events, the Sunday fundraiser promises to be a great day of young people playing flag football and raising awareness for autism. All afternoon long, young people will be divided into teams that square off for a day of fun on the big football field. In addition, entertainment will be provided by The Echo Agency. The day also includes riley gems, raffles, food, face painting, airbrush tattoos and much more.

In 2013, Roslyn residents Cole Faller, Jesse Faller and Sophie Greenfield created Go Long For Luke to support autism. Cole was inspired by his best friend, Luke Greenfield, who is autistic. Along with their parents, these enterprising young people have created a memorable, innovative and remarkable fundraiser that brings together the entire community and sends out a heartfelt message to their friend, Luke. In the process, they have developed a strong bond extending their friendship to the rallying of their community in support of autism.

This essay by Cole Faller continues to be the inspiration for the event and is always worth repeating.

“Luke has autism. It’s okay…Autism is just a different way of thinking…. It’s fun to play with him because he is so fast. All the time he runs everywhere. I love to chase him…. Luke has a sister named Sophie and parents just like me. He has many friends also. Some kids with autism hear, see, smell and taste differently than other people. He covers his ears if someone screams. To Luke, it sounds about 10 times louder. He cannot communicate that well, so he does it through an iPad. He has a schedule too. Luke understands some things differently. That’s my buddy Luke.”

To play flag football or make a donation visit: www.golongforluke.org,

The Park at East Hills is at 209 Harbor Hill Rd., East Hills.


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