Gary Stone On Live It Up


EyeCentre_101415AIMG_5832On Saturday, Oct. 17, at 6:30 a.m., Roslyn Eye Centre will be featured on the Live It Up television show with Donna Drake on channel 10 WLNY.

The sow features informative, interesting interviews and good news.

Some of Drake’s past guests have been Nelson DeMille, Howie Mandel, Jay Leno, Mike Tyson and now, Gary Stone of the eye centre.

Watch Stone tell his interesting story how he took a business that was originally built in 1959 and expanded the store, beginning in 1984. He continues to service generations of families with the most current eyewear and lens technology.

If you know Gary Stone, you will enjoy his sense of humor as he shares his story with Donna.

The Roslyn Eye Centre has its own facebook page and a website. Roslyn eye



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