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The Park At East Hills has been the greatest success in that village’s history. For several years, residents in Roslyn Heights have attempted to repeat that success in their village. Roslyn Heights falls under the jurisdiction of the Town of North Hempstead and this year, the town’s capital plan appropriates nearly 11 million dollars for park and pool renovations in that village’s park district.

The park district isn’t the only property in Roslyn to received capital funding. Gerry Pond Park on Roslyn Road, a grassy area named for historic preservation champions Roger and Peggy Gerry, is targeted to receive $8.5 million from that same general improvements fund.

Will the funding matter? In 2014, the town council voted to approve the purchase of the Roslyn Country Club from Corona Realty Holding LCC, with hopes of a renovation project that would both build a tennis court and swimming pool facility. That was five years ago and since then, little progress has been made.

Last fall, the town council was so frustrated that they filed a lawsuit against Coronal Realty for breach of contract. Town officials confirm that no resolution on this legal action has been reached.

“Our belief is that Corona has acted in bad faith,” said Peter Zuckerman, an East Hills resident and town councilman who represents the country club neighborhood. “It has not lived up to contractual concerns.”

Zuckerman claimed that the town has tried to reengage with Corona, in hopes of getting the process moving forward. The councilman added that there has been no response from Corona and so, the lawsuit was filed.

Zuckerman maintains that the town is committed to building the new facility, one that he hopes someday will be the “heart and soul” and “the jewel” of the country club neighborhood.

“This is action that had to take place,” he said. “We will explore all legal actions,” while adding that the town is committed to finalizing the acquisition of the property.

The acquisition amounted to 7.2 acres being purchased by the town. Even though some lawmakers expressed reservations about creating another bond, support from the community influenced the vote.

The entire 2018-22 Capital Plan estimates $91 million in infrastructure investment.
The town said that it expects to expend $11.9 million in general fund cash on hand and make use of about 10.5 million in state and federal grants. There is the expectation that more funding for future projects will come through grants.

In 2018, the town will use $8.1 million of additional long-term borrowing to finance the projects. The borrowing will reach a peak of about $21.3 million in 2020 and total borrowing over the five years will be $69 million.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will fund an additional $35 million of repairs and improvements, mainly to the beaches and bays.

Single-year items range from $25,000 to upgrade the World Trade Center Memorial to $19 million to replace the pool at the Clinton G. Martin Park. Road paving will cost $21 million over the five-year span. Also included is $100,000 for road drainage major emergencies.
Other items on the list include $17.9 million to the North Hempstead Beach Park and $10.4 million to the Harbor Links golf course.

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