From School Board To Senate


I am looking forward to this Nov. 4th Election Day, and the opportunity to vote for one of my best friends, Adam Haber, for New York State Senate, District 7.
We live in the Roslyn School District, where Adam has been on the school board for the past five years, and have benefitted from what Adam has been able to accomplish.
About eight years ago we were known as the district with the largest school theft in national history. Adam has tremendous business skills, and ran for our school board to help us recover. Not only did we recover, we have risen to be one of the best school districts in Nassau.
Since he came on the board we’ve consistently enjoyed the lowest tax increases in the county, and a lot of it is due to his business acumen and financial expertise. With his guidance on how to run our district more efficiently, our district has actually expanded programs. Every kid in our high school gets an iPad, we now have a student exchange program to China, we’ve expanded our special needs services, and our buildings and grounds are in better shape than ever. While other districts are cutting teachers, our staff is holding firm.
Adam is a self-made success, and one of the most honest guys I’ve ever met. His friends often seek him out for financial guidance, and he always takes time to help. Adam is proud of his accomplishments in Roslyn, and is ready to take his skills with financial oversight to the next level, for the benefit of the 7th district. Everyone who meets Adam grows from the experience. What’s amazing is that once he’s in Albany, I expect he’ll rub off on other politicians too.
Please join me in electing Adam Haber as our next Senator for New York State’s 7th District. When it comes to schools and business, there’s no better advocate.
Howard Zodicoff