Finn Says Hello To Herricks

Christine Finn
Christine Finn

Christine Finn, the Carle Place School District’s Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Personnel, left her post Dec. 31, for the same position in the Herricks School District. She succeed the retiring Dr. Deidre Hayes.

“I wouldn’t leave [Carle Place] unless there was a good reason. Eventually I would like to become superintendent, so working in a large school district would put me on that path,” said Finn.

Herricks School Board President James Gounaris announced Finn’s appointment in November. Finn will be joined by Dr. Fino Celano of the Garden City School District in 2015-16. He’ll be replacing Herricks School District Superintendent Dr. John Bierwirth, who is also retiring.
Up to 25 percent of students in the Herricks District are from the Roslyn area, especially from Roslyn Heights.

“Members of the board were particularly struck not only by the all her credentials, programs and services she has helped to facilitate so far in her professional career, but more importantly, by the sincerity in which she approaches students and colleagues,” he said. “Her personality and good nature, along with her credentials [are] what helped the board select Ms. Finn.”

Finn noted that the two districts have a strong relationship and both share similarities including PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) testing and NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association), a type of student assessment. And while Herricks is a bigger district, it shares the same philosophy as Carle Place.

“What I love about Carle Place is that the kids come out so well rounded, and have so many opportunities—music, art, different classes. It’s the same thing at Herricks. They have the same mentality and philosophy and focus on achievement and helping kids be ready for life, not just college. That was really appealing,” says Finn.

Finn has served as the assistant superintendent for instruction and personnel in Carle Place for five years. She says one of the things she’s proudest of is the Commissioner’s School Dissemination Grant she helped win the district. The grant affords the district $300,000 and in exchange, Carle Place has shared some of their best teaching methods with three other school districts—two upstate and one in Long Island—for three years.

“We’ve loved it. It’s a wonderful way to share our learning and practices with school districts and we’ve formed great relationships with them. We’re really proud of it,” says Finn.

Finn will start her new position in January, and says while she is sad to be leaving Carle Place, is excited for the new opportunity.
“My initial thing will be to get the lay of the land. I’m going to try to hit the ground running,” says Finn. “I like to take what’s working and help keep it running smoothly, and then I’ll chime in with my own ideas. My understanding is that they have a very strong team there and a lot of good initiatives. I’m looking forward to learning about them.”

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Betsy Abraham is the former senior managing editor at Anton Media Group and editor of The Westbury Times and Massapequa Observer. She also wrote for Long Island Weekly.


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