Fathi Speaks At Temple

Saul Fathi
Saul Fathi

Temple Judea temple members as well as guests from the neighboring community were given food for thought as well as breakfast last week when the Brotherhood of Temple Judea hosted a presentation on the world’s trouble spots given by Saul Fathi.

Fathi was introduced by Rabbi Todd Chizner as well as Stan Goldklang, Brotherhood president. Fathi, the author of four books on the Middle East and related topics, then shared his insights about the stories behind the news headlines, even referring sometimes to his own experiences as a member of both the Israeli and U.S. military, which followed his being smuggled out of Iran as a child.

Fathi’s remarks about the motivation for various political actions by world leaders stimulated many questions and comments from the audience as the two-hour session passed quickly. Those in attendance left with many ideas worthy of further reflection.

For information, contact Maxine at 516-621-8049 or maxexec@temple-judea.com. Temple Judea is located at 333 Searingtown Rd., Manhasset. For details, visit www.temple-judea.com.


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