Fatal Accident In Roslyn Estates


trinity-IThe homicide squad reports the details of a fatal accident that occurred at 6:13 a.m. on Friday May 15 in Roslyn Estates.

According to detectives, Rudolph Skakel of Uniondale, during the course of his duty as an operator for Basin Haulage, stepped out of a 2011 Mack garbage truck to retrieve garbage containers.  The victim, detectives said, noticed that the truck started rolling eastbound on Northern Boulevard while it was unoccupied.  The victim, detectives added, ran after the truck jumping onto a side step on the passenger side of the truck in an attempt to gain control of the vehicle, however the vehicle sideswiped a utility pole in front of 1050 Northern Blvd. causing the fatality of Skakel.  The truck was examined on scene by the Nassau County Motor Carrier Unit and released to Basin Haulage.  There is no criminality at this time.


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