Family & Children’s Association Seeks Volunteers For Senior Programs


    The Family & Children's Association is looking for people with big hearts, a willingness to learn and grow and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. There are volunteer opportunities available with the FCA's senior programs.

    FCA believes that volunteering should be rewarding and beneficial for both the volunteer and the recipient. If you believe the following opportunities work with your availability, strengths and interests, contact the people listed below.

    Friendly Visiting Program

    One hour per week can change a life.

    Jessica DiCarlo


    Advocate for seniors living away from home.

    Mary Claire Campion

    Financial Counseling and Health Insurance Counseling

    Help seniors relieve financial and health-related stress.

    Martha Mata

    The Family & Children's Association is located at 100 East Old Country Rd., Mineola. For more information, visit

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