‘EH’ Means Everyone Helps


Helps_080515AThe acronym, “EH” now means more than just East Hills. It also stands for Everyone Helps, a new program in which unwanted camp clothes will be donated to a charity which, in turn, will give them to children in need of the clothing.

The program was the creation of Chloe Siegel, a East Hills resident, who realized that camp clothing was being disposed of at the end of the summer and the clothing from campers could be sold and the funds donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Chloe met with Mayor Michael Koblenz in June to discuss the plan. Koblenz allowed donation bags to be distributed. He also permitted the village to donate a table for Everyone Helps at the village’s annual Green Day poolside

event to be held Saturday, Aug. 22, from noon to 4 p.m.

For more information, contact the village of East Hills at 516-621-5600.


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