Editorial: Those Wiley Coyotes


Last week, we wrapped up our coverage of coyote sightings in Roslyn. Since coyotes look like foxes, their presence may alarm people. But keep in mind that these mammals are afraid of us harmless humans. And as long as homeowners don’t feed them, they will stay away from your residence. Plus, they come out at night, when the children are fast asleep. Mammals who should be concerned are the local geese population. Coyotes like to prey on geese. Let’s hope our geese friends find a way to survive at night. Roslyn wouldn’t be the same without these elegant creatures.

A Postscript

Last week, we published an editorial on the young woman in Iowa allegedly murdered by an undocumented immigrant. We’d only add that politicians act like they don’t care when Americans lose their lives at the hand of such an individual. It makes them look bad. (Such suspects shouldn’t be in America in the first place.) Plus, if they criticize such murderous actions, the media (but not Anton Media Group) may attack them with the usual name-calling and innuendo. Here on Long Island, we’d draw exceptions: Reps. Suozzi, Rice, King and Zeldin. But, we’re afraid, they are just that. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office estimates in a new report that since 1974 there have been more than 32,000 immigrants incarcerated for homicide in federal and state prison. If politicians, local, state and national, had cared, such crimes would have vanished decades ago. When it comes to coyotes, geese are on their own. When it comes to undocumented immigrant crime, American parents are on their own, too.

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