Editorial: Landing On His Feet


The media world is in a tizzy over the hiring and firing of one Kevin Williamson from The Atlantic. Williamson formerly wrote for National Review before writing a grand total of one essay for The Atlantic. Williamson was fired for online comments made years ago: i.e, Women who have abortions should be put to death, plus stereotypical comments about the black youth in East St. Louis, IL. Internet writing is atrocious and Williamson’s transgressions should remind people to be careful, even when orating into the idiot wind that blows across the web. None of this, of course, is cause for a quick dismissal.

The controversy strikes us as a quarrel between two bald men fighting over a comb. There aren’t any differences between the two magazines, both are globalist journals for the Manhattan-Washington globalist readership. Both dislike the current president (an occasionally good word appears on Donald Trump in National Review). Williamson is an embittered critic of President Trump. He is also, in his minor role, responsible for Trump’s rise, referring to him an the “ape on the escalator” at a time when Trump was running dead last in the Republican Party primaries. Williamson made a name for himself as a vitriolic critic of the white working class, people who he claimed have no one but themselves to blame for their desperate plight. A native of West Texas, Williamson is also an equally-embittered critic of his home region—a long-forgotten place on the map—and of the benighted Robert E. Lee. None of this is newsworthy or controversial. In fact, the man’s writings, at least of what we’ve read, represents a scream of political correctness. All Williamson would have done at Atlantic is transfer his anti-Trump writing from National Review to that magazine. Now, he’ll take his anti-Trump essays to whichever publication hires him next. If you took every editorial office in the United States and turned them upside down, about 10,000 little Kevin Williamson’s would come tumbling out of them.

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