East Hills Youth On Jumbotron


East Hills resident Stephanie Goldman came in for a big surprise when her two children, Zach and Olivia, were featured on the Jumbotron screen at the Barclays Center during a recent New York Islander hockey game.

The Goldmans are a huge hockey family and Zach even plays goalie for the Long Island Edge hockey team. Just as her children appeared on the Jumbotron, Stephanie pushed record on her phone but it didn’t work. Stephanie was disappointed to learn she failed to capture the special moment.

“This was such a nice memory and I was upset I missed it,” Stephanie said. Luckily, during the second period of the game, she learned about a 15SOF video clip device from a Barclays representative and within minutes of downloading selfies of her children, she had the video clip sent to her smartphone.

“I’m so grateful 15SOF was able to preserve this memory for me and my family,” she said. “I look forward to taking advantage of this technology at Mets and Yankee games this spring.”

The 15SOF device, Islander personnel said, works by first downloading the app and taking a selfie to register. When you appear on the Jumbotron, you instantly receive your video clip to save and/or share on social media.

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