Drowsy Chaperone To Awaken Audiences With Laughter


By Sheri ArbitalJacoby


The Wheatley Theater Company will present a musical within a comedy when The Drowsy Chaperone comes to life on stage from Thursday to Saturday, April 7 to 9, every evening at 7 p.m., plus a Saturday matinée at 2 p.m.

Spend an evening in the roaring 1920s with the Man in Chair as he rambles about his love for his favorite musical.

The Drowsy Chaperone offers an exciting look into the mind of a theater lover, as well as the crazy world of musicals in the 1920s,” explained Stage Manager Talia Rosen. “The songs are incredibly fun and the story is full of funny, feel-good moments that are sure to leave a smile on your face.”

Junior Liz Nolan, who’s in the many ensemble numbers, said “It’s rare that you can find a show that is funny and restores your love for theater. This show does just that. It gives us a chance to make fun of ourselves as drama kids and expands our horizons as actors. That is really evident on stage, we’ve had a great time making it, so everyone can have a great time enjoying it.”

Another member of the sizable ensemble, Pricilla Prasad, explained, “This show is special because it’s not just any other musical, it’s a parody of a musical. The cast and all the ensemble have worked so hard to make this the craziest, most extravagant and show-stopping musical Wheatley has ever seen,” continued the freshman. “It’s hilarious, extremely witty and sarcastic with humor both the young and old will enjoy.”

Ensemble member Devyn Bennett, who also plays the Superintendent, agreed, “This show is full of laughter, surprises and is full of energy. It’s one of those shows where you want to jump out of your seat and start singing and dancing along with the cast because it has that great vibe to it.”

Eighth-grader Skylar Blechner, who’s in her first Wheatley production, concurred, “People should see the show is because it makes you smile. It is just so funny. There are funny jokes, cute outfits, amazing dances, funny characters, cute songs, and more. People of all ages will love it.”

And, most importantly for the students, sophomore Sydney Behar summarized, “The best part about being in the Wheatley Theater Company is the friendly environment where you enjoy doing what you love with the people you love.”

Silly senior John Wanamaker, added, “It’s like the wedding episode of the Kardashians but with more singing.”

The cast includes Wanamaker as the Man In Chair, Ariana Arralde as Mrs. Tottendale, Justin Vega as Underling, Elan Mizhiritsky as Robert, Daniel Singh as George, Joshua Dinetz as Mr. Feldzieg, Alana Osroff as Kitty, Andrew Jin as Gangster 1, Michael Koszalka as Gangster 2, Lianna Golden as Gangster 3, Joy Bestourous as Gangster 4, Nicholas Vazquez as Adolpho, Jaclyn Stroud as Janet Van De Graaff, Morgan Misk as Drowsy Chaperone and Sydney Behar as Trix. The Staff/Party Guests/Female Dancers are played by Jordan Pollack (Dance Captain), Pricilla Prasad, Skylar Blechner, Liz Nolan, Erica Kim, Sienna Brancato and Krista Chen. Staff/Party Guests/Male Dancers are played by Jacob Kaufman, Javier Cheatham and Jason Manzano. Reporters, who also play Staff/Party Guests/Dancers, are Max Hochstein as Reporter 1, Noelle Molstad as Reporter 2 and Alex Kasparian as Reporter 3. Kimberly Esquilin plays Nightingale Singer, Hallie ArbitalJacoby portrays American Lady, Nick Vazquez is the Emperor and Devyn Bennett is the Superintendent.

“We really loved preparing this show, and I’m sure the fun and excitement come through in the performance,” concluded Rosen. “It’s the kind of show you’ll be sure to leave with a happy feeling in your heart.”

The Drowsy Chaperone will be presented at The Wheatley School, 11 Bacon Rd. in Old Westbury. Tickets cost $10, but are free for senior citizens. For more information or to reserve seats, visit wheatleytheater.weebly.com.


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