Downtown Roslyn Study Imminent


Recently, there has risen up a problem of insufficient parking in the Main Street area of downtown Roslyn, which is always a busy shopping area.

The area contains a movie theatre, a drug store, several restaurants and clothing stores. At the meeting, representatives of the restaurant Bistro Citron made a request to the Board of Trustees for a valet parking permit. They only want the permit for Friday and Saturday evenings.

There are now two restaurants across the street from them who have valet parking permits and they use them. This, they claim, creates more congestion in a narrow street. The board decided to take their request under consideration to be decided at a later time.

In addition, the village is now making a comprehensive traffic study of the downtown area. There is only one loading zone on Main Street. It is near the Roslyn Savings Bank and a crosswalk and is between 60-75 ft. long. The zone is open between 7-11 a.m.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot of double parking. The Nassau County Police Department and three Roslyn Code Enforcers are engaged in a stepped-up drive to ticket violators. Recently, for example, two trucks were unloading across the street and both were ticketed.

There is a public parking lot near where the old lumberyard stood, with a more modern, non-toll meter paper based system. Under consideration is a plan to make enough space for tractor-trailers to park in this area. Interestingly, there is also some kind of a housing project planned for this area.

Roslyn, as everyone knows, prides itself on its history and making most changes to buildings within the Roslyn Village Historic District is subject to approval by the Historic District Board (HDB). During the meeting, an amendment to the Village Code was made to Municipal Code giving the HDB more time, namely 95 days, as opposed to the previous 65 days, to review proposed modifications to buildings as to whether the modification is consistent with the Code, an example being homeowners applying to change the color of their structure’s exterior paint.

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