Diana Raab Writing Workshop


Diana_042115On Tuesday, April 14, Dr. Diana Raab, a trans­personal psychologist, author and poet gave a 90-minute workshop at Practice Body Mind Soul in Roslyn entitled, “Writing for Transformation.”

The workshop was sold out and attended by both enthusiastic local attendees and those who traveled from the South Shore, including writers and those who also came for writing inspiration. The session included some lecture, discussion, writing exercises and a question-and-answer period.

Raab, based in Southern California, was visiting the New York area, which she still calls home, as many family members live in the area. She offers writing workshops on writing for healing and transformation around the country and blogs for Psychology Today, Huffington Post and BrainSpeak. For more information her website is dianaraab.com.

“I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Fresh Meadows, but spent a lot of time during my childhood on Long Island,” Raab said, prior to the event. “My mother had a horse on the Island and I figured skated at many skating rinks there. Plus, I had my first date with my first love in Roslyn when I was 15. It was at My Father’s Place, where my boyfriend Phillip played the guitar. My mother has been living in Locust Valley for more than 30 years.”

The large turnout proved that Roslyn area residents were glad to welcome Raab back to her Long Island home.



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