Dessert Is Served In The Village


yoloHave you ever been to the movies, and as you’re walking out of the Roslyn Theater, you get a feeling that your evening is not complete, that the night is still young?

Or, have you been shopping and running errands in Roslyn and need a boost of energy? Or, have you visited the library, fed the ducks in the park and pushed the kids on the swings for the hundredth time and feel like you and the kids need a treat?

The solution to all three scenarios is found at YoLo, a charming and inviting “desserteria” in the heart of the village. Owner Shila Roofim opened the shop this past July, serving up frozen yogurt in a variety of enticing flavors. Not sure which flavor you would like? Take a taste in little cups provided for that purpose.

I tried the cheese cake, which is exactly like eating a piece of cake. The coconut flavor is mild and cooling. My favorite was a new flavor—salt caramel.

The flavors change every two weeks. Best sellers are kept, and new flavors are brought in.

Next to the self-serve yogurt fountains are 36 toppings, ranging from tapioca to chocolate and fresh fruit (including berries, peaches and pineapple).

In addition to yogurt, YoLo offers eight flavors of gelato. I tried two, and I’m happy to report that the mocha is rich and creamy, and the hazelnut flavorful and tasty.

Helen, the manager, told me that moviegoers often stop in not just for yogurt, but also for coffee (latte, anyone?) and a piece of pastry or a gluten-free muffin.

And for this gift-giving time of year, there are tea and tea-cup packages.
YoLo is located at 1355 Old Northern Blvd. The phone is 516-350-8884.



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