DA Race Was In The Bag


You need not have been an expert on Nassau County politics to predict the result of the District Attorney race won handily by Madeline Singas. Cross off the “Acting” part of her title. She’s the real thing now.

The loss goes to former Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray, a vigorous vote-getter over the years who was in over her head for this particular position. The fault for that can be attributed to county Republican leader Joe Mondello who badly underestimated the knowledge and resolve of Nassau’s electorate. “A prosecutor, not a politician” trumpeted posters and TV ads by the Singas campaign. Even GOP supporters knew better to choose a career law enforcement professional, Singas, over a prosecutorial novice, Murray.

Don’t worry about Kate. She might have been tossed into the proverbial lion’s den by her party chairman, but she surely arranged a pre-nup for herself in the next election. Someone mentioned she would make a good County Executive. Sounds good from this viewpoint. After all, Mondello owes her for suffering the first political loss of her life. So save those signs that simply say “Kate” from lawns and tops of taxicabs. They are definitely recyclable. And, oh, congratulations, Madeline. You certainly scored a checkmate.

Joe Krupinski


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