Congratulations Wheatley H.S. Class Of 2015


WheatleyGraduationWheatley School students proudly lined up to accept their high school diplomas on Friday, June 26.

During the processional, “Pomp and Circumstance, March No. 1” was performed by the Wheatley Combined Orchestra under the direction of Stan Orlovsky.

After the performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” by vocalist Donna Nazarian, Principal Dr. Sean C. Feeney welcomed and greeted the graduating class and their friends and families. Mark Kamberg, president, board of education, and Dr. Elaine Kansas, superintendent of schools, presented an address to graduates.

Morgan Hanel, president, class of 2015, presented “Greetings from the Class of 2015,” followed by the honor essay entitled “Our Story” by Hebah Hassan. Preceding the essay, musical selection “For Good,” which was arranged by Juliana Luber, was performed.

Brian Gong read honor essay “Wheatley Why?” Musical selection “Patchelbel Meets Pop,” which was arranged and conducted by Anthony Graffigna followed.

Class of 2015 members performed, including Emily Black, oboe; Samuel Fieldman, tenor saxophone; Brian Gong, drums; Timothy Han, piano; Andrew Hastings, bass; Benjamin Lee, baritone saxophone; Gabriella Schwartz, flute; Laura Vega, violin; Seungmin Yi, violin; and Kuan Yu, viola.

After an honor essay entitled “The Beautiful Unknown” by Melanie Esquilin, the David K. Israel Scholarship was presented by Meryl Fordin, president, East Williston Teachers’ Association and the Dr. Jane Ann Smith Citizenship Award was presented to Robert Fallarino, vice president, board of education.

With certificates in hand, the students exited during the recessional as “Rondeau” was performed by the Wheatley Combined Orchestra under the direction of Stan Orlovsky.

Surrounded by family and friends, students celebrated outside, while enjoying their last few hours as high school students.



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