Concerned Republicans For Adam Haber


I’m an entrepreneur, a businessman and a lifelong Republican, but this Election Day, I’m voting for Democrat Adam Haber.

I’ve always believed Republicans are the ones who focus on lowering taxes, but Haber’s résumé and suggestions on how to make Long Island a better place makes him the best person for the job.

Haber has a proven track record of finding new ways to generate real revenue. It was one of the most important things he did for the Roslyn School District, working with his fellow board members to help us recover from one of the largest school thefts in national history. As soon as he was elected to the board of trustees, he recommended the district refinance debt, saving over $2 million dollars in his first year of office. Then he initiated and piloted a program to combine private school bus routes with neighboring districts. The savings were significant, and now many districts in Nassau are participating.

These savings total millions, but that’s not all. Adam Haber served as a NIFA director this past year. At the first meeting Haber attended he initiated significant changes to Nassau’s contract approval process that were voted on and accepted. These changes make the process more transparent and go a long way to preventing the usual pay-to-play business operations in Nassau.

Our state is desperate for real leaders and original thinkers, someone we can trust to come up with fresh ideas to lead us from problems to solutions. Haber has a proven track record of doing just that.

Party affiliation aside, Nov. 8, this Republican is voting Democrat.

Adam Haber, you have earned my vote!

—Howard Zodicoff

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