Chamber Selects New Officers


roslynThe Roslyn Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors recommended a dozen of its members to fill office positions for the upcoming year at its Thursday, Feb. 26 meeting.

The recommendations are as follows:

• Vice President, Membership: Jerry Baldassaro
• Assistant Vice President Membership: Mollie Grossman and Paul Trause
• Vice President, Events: Lou Federico
• Assistant Vice President, Events: Caroline Kosloff, Patrick Mack, Vito DiTrapani, Barbara Kaplan and Joyce Muller
• Vice President, Programming: Heather Lehrman
• Assistant Vice President, Programming: Lonnie Goldman and Chris Soto
• Secretary: Jerry Baldassaro
• Assistant to the Secretary: Harun Hassouni

Staying on to fulfill their second year of terms: Lonnie Goldman, president; Michael Grossberg, treasurer and Vito DiTrapani, vice president of marketing. Wayne Wink Jr. was elected to the board of directors and will be chairing the committee to review current bylaws.

The board’s recommendations were presented to the chamber for ratification at the Monday, March 3 meeting at Pearl East Restaurant, which was also the chamber’s Annual Induction Ceremony for newly elected board members. There will be more about the meeting in upcoming issues of The Roslyn News.

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