Calls For Ethical Conduct In Chamber Elections


Non-adherence to bylaw rules by the president of the Roslyn Chamber of Commerce has made the chamber election of 2014 flawed, resulting in a secretary/vice president who makes major contributions to the chamber, without a seat. Bylaw rules states that two absences consecutively results in disqualification from having a seat on the board of directors. One nominated and elected board of director has had three along with other absences, with another director in a similar category, both remaining on the board.

Another vice president and several board members were well aware of this as the election approached, but were unable to convince the president to do the right thing and adhere to the bylaws of the chamber. The secretary, whose duty it is to inform the president of such matters, did so before the nominations and election process began, leaving the remainder of the membership unaware at the polls.

Previously, when non-compliance of an absence ruling occurred, the president disallowed the board member to continue on that body. Conduction of the chamber in an ethical manner to include equality for each and every board member in an election is what is expected from a president to its officers and board of directors. A swearing-in ceremony is now scheduled with two board of directors in non-compliance, according to the bylaws.

Nicole Bittersweet

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