Budget Vote And Trustee Election May 19


Library-BOT_1The vote on the Budget for the 2015-16 school year will take place on Tuesday, May 19 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the Roslyn High School. The following will be on the ballot:

• The Roslyn School District’s proposed budget for the 2015-16 school year of $103,851,841. The budget-to-budget increase is 1.09 percent, and the projected tax levy increase is 0.93 percent.

• Election of three board trustees. Individuals who have filed petitions to
be candidates in the order in which they will appear on the ballot are David Dubner, Adam Haber, Mindy Kim and David Seinfeld.

• The Bryant Library’s proposed budget for 2015-16. Details of the library budget can be obtained by visiting www.nassau
library.org/bryant or by calling the library at 516-621-2240.

• Proposition 3, which authorizes the lease-purchase of three vans and two large school buses to replace older vehicles in the district’s fleet. Financial institutions require specific voter approval for such transactions.

• Proposition 4, which authorizes an expenditure from the Capital Reserve Fund, enabling the district to expend $1.3 million for additional parking and field reconfiguration at East Hills School. This project, which is beyond the scope of the bond approved last year, is precipitated by the termination of the district’s lease of the Roslyn Annex at the end of this school year, and would accommodate additional field and parking space for both Roslyn High School and East Hills School. If approved, there would be no additional cost to taxpayers.

• Proposition 5, which authorizes the establishment of a new Capital Reserve Fund for long-term capital expenses. The capital reserve fund approved by voters in 2007 is now depleted, and the fund established in 2011 will have less than $750,000 remaining if Proposition 4 is approved. Therefore, the district asks residents to approve the establishment of a new capital reserve. Essentially, this is the equivalent of opening a new bank account so that we can begin to replenish our reserves. If approved, there would be no additional cost to taxpayers.

Call 516-801-5030 for additional budget information or visit the district’s website at www.roslynschools.org.

To vote in a school election, an individual must be:

• A U.S. citizen;

• 18 years old by election day;

• A resident in the Roslyn School District for at least 30 days by election day;

• Registered to vote.

Call the district clerk at 516-801-5002 for absentee ballots or additional voter information.

—Courtesy of the Roslyn School District



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