Blame Billionaires At A Cost


It is unfortunate that almost every opinion on any issue is guided by the ideology of the speaker and/or author. In the letter of Mr. Biggin (Billionaires vs. Our Kids, May 21-27) it is obvious.
Quite frankly, I agree with Mr. Biggin and his opposition to Common Core. However, not in the manner he presents his objection.
Simply to blame President Obama, DOE Secretary Duncan, Governor Cuomo and Billionaire [Bill] Gates does not in any way outline the fallibilities of the Common Core program and its supporters.
What Mr. Biggin’s letter does is bring greater support for Common Core by those who do not agree with his ideology.
Just as ironic, many of the people that support Common Core use their political ideology and Billionaire blame game on many other issues.
The use of us against them, rich vs. poor, Republican vs. Democrat Public education vs. charter schools, or climate change advocates vs. deniers, it is the facts that get lost. The result, usually to correct the problem and/or subject is no longer attainable or at a cost that is prohibitive.
Anthony Mignone

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