Birnbaum Should Resign


Like many of my fellow Nassau County residents, I was deeply troubled by County Legislator Ellen Birnbaum’s dismissive and offensive remarks regarding the Yes We Can Community Center.
While I believe Ms. Birnbaum took office in the hope of making a difference, her words clearly fall somewhere on the spectrum between insensitive and racist. Where she lands specifically on that spectrum makes little difference. People were deeply offended. Because of this, I join the leadership of Nassau County Democrats, including legislative Minority Leader Kevan Abraham and Nassau Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs in calling for Ms. Birnbaum to resign.
Community centers like Yes We Can are meant to inspire unity in our community by providing a space for Nassau residents of all backgrounds to exercise, play sports and study. Projects like this one are meant to level the playing field and move all of us forward together.
Nassau County Democrats share this goal of working together towards progress for each and every Nassau County resident, and these comments fly in the face of that dream. As we work together to improve the lives of our neighbors through forward-thinking ideas and progressive policies, we must have zero tolerance for divisiveness based on prejudice. For healing to occur, and for Nassau County to move forward, County Legislator Ellen Birnbaum needs to step down.
Adam Haber
NYS Senate Democratic Candidate
Seventh District


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