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Tasty coffee drinks and desserts from The Cup
Tasty coffee drinks and desserts from The Cup Coffeehouse

Long Island runs on coffee, and while coffee chains are great for a cup on the go, there’s something special about settling into a coffee shop. These intimate, personal venues allow patrons a chance to relax and unwind while enjoying some high quality espresso and good company. A coffee shop needs more than just excellent coffee to thrive; it needs a cozy ambiance and great service.

Here are some local java joints that offer all that and more.


5 Irma Ave., Port Washington; 516-883-2721

“Sorry, Starbucks—you’ve been replaced!” says one Yelp reviewer. Since 2013, COFFEED has been serving Port Washington residents locally-sourced coffee and homemade pastries. Locals and visitors alike love the homey ambiance, and the outdoor seating. The cafe uses frozen coffee ice cubes to keep their iced drinks cold and full of flavor. Specialties include blueberry herbal tea, Nutella latte, almond croissants and apple cinnamon scones. COFFEED partners with local charities, primarily Community Mainstreaming Associates, which helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Best Beans

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