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A North Shore photographer shares a snapshot of his life behind the lens

Roslyn by Xiomaro

As any artist will tell you, storytelling is intertwined with art. While a picture is worth 1,000 words to some, to others, that is not enough to describe one’s thoughts on a subject. The recognition of beauty in all forms comes easily to lifelong New York artist Xiomáro, who circles back to Roslyn when he needs to be reminded of home.

“I’ve resided in Roslyn Heights for most of my adult life, which is probably one of the few constants I’ve had,” says the current photographer. “After graduating from NYU School of Law, I worked in the litigation department of a large firm. It was too corporate for my liking, so I went off on my own to become an entertainment attorney and artist manager representing many pop stars.”

Xiomáro’s artistic journey progressed with a teaching stint at Baruch College and performing with his rock band in the Northeast region. As if that wasn’t enough on his palate, after recovering from cancer (he was diagnosed in 2005), Xiomáro abandoned his law practice and decided to pursue photography as an art form.

“For me, I like art that appeals to both the senses and the mind. Something with layers of meaning that become uncovered as one spends more time with the piece,” he says of his artistic aesthetic. “With my photographs, I try to create images that are pleasing to the eye. But through composition, I also try to show something new, convey a feeling or provoke further inquiry into a subject.”

Xiomáro enjoys shooting in open spaces, which is why he is fortunate to have many commissions with the National Park Service, shooting in sites such as Sagamore Hill, Fire Island and Seneca Falls.


“I think my aesthetic lends itself to introducing their historical and environmental sites to new audiences,” he says. “Art can be educational as well as beautiful.”

While it is hard to pick a favorite, Xiomáro shared that digital photography and printing have been his specialty for years, but he does miss working in a medium that “requires more physicality, say, oil painting or playing a musical instrument.”

“I recently created a combination I call ‘Photo Ceramics,’ where I fuse my printed photographs onto tiles by painting on layers of adhesives and finishes,” he says of a recent collection. “I might be too close to my work to accurately describe it as much of what I do now is by instinct. But observations I hear from museum-goers is that my photographs have rich color, dramatic shadows and an ethereal quality.”

Having traveled around the world and all over the country, the North Shore at this time for Xiomáro is an ideal locale.

“I love the hills, the old trees and the historic architecture in Roslyn Heights and Roslyn Village. It has a New England feel and close proximity to the water,” he says of the quaint town. “It’s a very inspiring place to live and work in especially during the spring time with its burst of colors and textures from the blossoms.”

The artist received a series of commissions from the National Park Service to create photographic collections of Julian Alden Weir’s Connecticut farm, home and studio, which will be featured in a book set to come out next year and will include a bit on Roslyn’s own William Cullen Bryant.

“Weir’s father was friends with William Cullen Bryant and the two friends were instrumental in establishing an American style of painting based in realism, detail and centered compositions,” says Xiomáro regarding Bryant’s role. “As a well-known poet and journalist, Bryant’s academic views on art held great authority especially after they became part of the curricula taught at various institutions. The art of Bryant’s era was based in realism, detail, and centered compositions.”

Roslyn by Xiomaro

Looking ahead to upcoming exhibitions with the National Park Service, Xiomáro will always return to the peaceful solitude of the North Shore, highlighting its pastoral history and showcasing the natural seasonal elements that residents live for.

“There is a charming feel that you can’t get in other places,” he says of Roslyn. “I especially enjoy walking home from the studio late at night, hearing the faint ringing of the Roslyn Clock Tower bell.”

No matter where he goes, Xiomáro’s camera will be along for the ride; snapping scenic shots and capturing the beauty of Long Island and beyond.

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