Award Of Distinction


Hilda_103114AOnly weeks after Hilda Yohalem declined to run for re-election as president of the Norgate Civic Association, Mayor Michael Koblenz and the members of the Board of Trustees honored Yohalem for her outstanding service to the community. 

“Hilda is an extraordinary person who, for decades, has been a strong and outspoken leader for the Norgate area of our community,” said Koblenz.

“I echo those sentiments,” said Town of North Hempstead Councilman Peter Zuckerman. “I have worked with Hilda and she is always a great proponent of the issues she espouses. She is a tireless leader.”

Carmen Krauss, longtime friend and fellow Civic Association president, also lent her strong support. When the award was presented, Hilda received a loud round of applause as she accepted a special plaque, which read:

“For Hilda Yohalem’s tireless work, dedication and service to incorporated village of East Hills,” he said. “The board of trustees of the village is forever grateful to Hilda yohalem for being an exemplary leader in the community, a prominent resident of the community for the past 50 years, and for serving with the greatest honor as the president of the Norgate Civic Association for 15 years. In addition, Hilda Yohalem’s other major contributions to the village include leading the successful charge to eliminate the Nassau County sewer tax; being a major catalyst in establishing a new tree law: serving as village historian, and being of member of the following East Hills committees: the committee to revise the zoning law, the East Hills Architectural Review Board, the park rules committee as first instituted, and the floor area ratio committee. For these and many other laudable accomplishments, the board of trustees presents this award and commemorates her illustrious contributions”


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