Art Historian To Speak At Landmark



Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic design, Fallingwater in Mill Run, Penn.
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic design, Fallingwater in Mill Run, Penn.

On Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m., The Roslyn Landmark Society will continue its monthly lecture series with a presentation on the Arts and Crafts Movement in America by noted art historian, Louise Cella Caruso. The lecture will take place at the Atria on Roslyn Harbor located at 99 Landing Rd. The lecture and parking is free to the public.

The Arts and Crafts Movement, Caruso said, was born out of the despair from the ornate clutter of the Victorian Era. Works of extraordinary vibrancy and intellectual rigor were produced during this 20th century movement. This fascinating, illustrated lecture will focus on architecture and furniture and offer an overview of this highly popular intellectual and artistic movement, which transformed the expectations of architecture and objects and spread those ideas worldwide.

“Many people don’t realize that Arts and Crafts was a major movement which still impacts the world today,” said Caruso.

This movement, she added, focused not only on the products, but also the maker and the creative process. Prior to the Arts and Crafts Movement was the Victorian Era which had lost its’ simplicity and passion of life in the clutter of over-decoration. In comparison, Arts and Crafts integrated simplicity and usefulness to designs with quality workmanship. One of the lecture’s highlights includes the most well known architect of the movement, Frank Lloyd Wright and his architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater located in Mill Run, Penn.

At the meeting, the Landmark Society will also be selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a dinner and movie. Raffle tickets are ten dollars per ticket and the drawing will be held on the night of the lecture.n Call 516-625-4363 or or for more information

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