Another Great Seniors Lunch



The senior luncheon
The senior luncheon

East Hills seniors recently enjoya Sinatra Lecture when the Senior Activities Committee (SAC) held another sold out event. The function featured a brunch in the Park At East Hills with guest speaker Marc Courtade, business manager of the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts and speaker for the New York Council for the Humanities. Courtade provided over 100 residents with an insider’s view of Frank Sinatra in films.

“Calling Frank Sinatra a singer and a film actor is a major understatement. He was a superstar of concerts, recordings, movies and television,” said Courtade.

During his presentation, he examined Sinatra’s career in films, from his MGM musicals of the 1940s, to his comeback dramatic portrayals in the 1950s, to his Rat Pack persona of the 1960s.

“Sometimes he shows great range, and sometimes he plays himself. But Sinatra is always entertaining in a wide variety of roles and genres,” added Courtade.

Mayor Koblenz (right) joins Councilman Peter Zuckerman at the event
Mayor Koblenz (right) joins Councilman Peter Zuckerman at the event

“We are so delighted that the theatre was filled to the rafters,” added Natalie Mansbach, chair of the Senior Activities Committee. “I thank the mayor and board for their great support and for attending. We have a team who, together with our board, is providing a spectacular, broad-based program for our members and residents.”

“This kind of event, with the widespread attendance, brings our community closer together. We are 100 percent behind SAC, and its valuable focus and programming,” said Mayor Michael R. Koblenz.

The members of the Senior Activities Committee include Natalie Mansbach, Treasurer Irving Chernofsky, Secretary Phyllis Friedlin, and committee members Eileen Reed, Stanley Stern and Barbara Klein.


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