Adler Conducts Healing Workshop


Roslyn resident Deborah Adler recently led a healing workshop held at Pinelawn Memorial Park and Arboretum. The program was part of its grief workshop series, one that allowed participants a chance to express their grief and heal through the ancient art of mandala-making.

From left: Deborah Adler, Licensed Clinical Art Psychotherapist and Kristyn Hovanec, Pinelawn’s Director of Community Outreach and Marketing Manager, show off mandalas at Pinelawn’s Mandala Making Workshop.
(Photos courtesy Geri Shumer)

“Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle. Circles often symbolize the connectedness we have with all people, including our lost loved ones,” said Adler. “Mandala-making is a powerful art therapy technique that helps people access their inner wisdom, heal their emotional wounds, and celebrate their life journey. Mandala-making is a way of honoring our loved ones and ourselves.”
According to Adler and other experts, mandalas are a tool for healing, self-expression, and relaxation. The balanced, centered design of a circle is soothing to the mind as circles, unlike other geometric shapes, do not have angles, which make circles feel softer and more infinite than other shapes. Circles/mandalas often represent both unity and protection and can be the symbol of the circle of life and rebirth.
If you’d like to create a mandala at home, Adler shared some tips:
• Trace a circle onto a piece of paper. You can use anything around your home such as a plate.
• Take a moment to clear your mind
and assess where you are physically and mentally.
• Then, using a pencil or writing device, beginning in the center of the circle, create a symbol or design that represents you or where you are at mentally.
• Next, work your way out and start adding further elements to the outer parts of the circle. You can divide the circle into equal sections to add images or words to keep it balanced. Allow your designs to flow and express how you feel in that moment.
• You can add in images cut out from magazines, use quotes or other collage materials.
• Don’t worry about skill or ability, let your creativity relax your mind and soul.
“This event marked the first in-person workshop Pinelawn has held since the series was created during the pandemic, and our participants couldn’t have been more pleased,” said Justin Locke, president of Pinelawn. “We are happy to be able to develop supportive workshops and events for families. People helping people, that’s what it’s all about.”
—Information provided by Geri Shumer

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