Tickets On LIE Exit 26


This was the second time I got a ticket at exit 26 on Northern State Parkway, where the sign says ‘Make full stop then proceed.’ I stop, full stop, make sure there are no cars coming and then I proceeded, and yet I still got a second ticket at the same turn. There are no signs that say ‘No right turn on red.’ All it says is to make a full stop and proceed. I did this and still got a ticket. Is this a scam or what? Check all the cars that went through that made a stop and a right turn. I would like to know how many tickets the county gave out.

I park on the side and I have seen all these cars do the same thing I did—made full stops and proceeded to make a right turn—so I would like to know how many tickets are given out on the turn. At exit 26 on the Northern State, the left turn has a red light, but what about the right turn? The county is making a lot of money. This should be investigated. Thank you.

—Vincent Verdi

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