Honors For Albertson Firemen

Firemen_04315ALast month, North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, Councilman Peter Zuckerman and Receiver of Taxes Charles Berman all honored a dozen members of the Albertson Hook and Ladder Company at their 105th annual Installation Dinner. The event was held at The Royalton in Roslyn Heights. [Read more…]

Special Passover Celebration

Sinai_04815AThis year, Temple Sinai added yet another way to embrace Passover. In this case, the event is called “Passover with Pals.” The temple hosted a seder for special needs children. Although this was the first year, it was clear that a new tradition has begun. In the words of one of the parents, “Thank you for such an engaging and interactive seder for the Chazak children. It was a great evening and the kids were really involved. The food was delicious too!” [Read more…]

Goal Setting And Reviews

-By Elaine Kanas, East Williston School District Superintendent

At this time of year, the instructional and administrative staff is busy reviewing our progress on the 2014-15 district instructional goals to make sure we are on-track to complete our SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound goals) that we have committed to for the year and/or to make any necessary adjustments in our action planning. (Go to our website at www.ewsdonline.org for more information.
Recent North Side, Willets Road and Wheatley faculty meetings put aside time to review this year’s goals and initiate discussions regarding SMART goals for the next school year, 2015-16.

The SMART goals support our broad goals, which usually remain constant over several years.

This month and next, building administrators, department chairs, directors and I will be reviewing feedback from the faculty meetings and formulating the draft district goals plan for 2015-’16. Before finalizing, building administrators and I will meet with each of the content area departments for additional input.

After our new District Goals Plan is finalized, we create a staff development plan for the 2015-’16 school year that directly supports the accomplishment of the goals we have set directly to student growth and achievement.

Congratulations Fourth Grade Singers
Congratulations to North Side music teacher Ed Lattari and the fourth grade chorus students. Not only was the music performed so well, but also all the learning the students had done was quite evident. In one example, as explained by one of the student narrators, the chorus chose to sing a song in this year’s concert (Oh Music) that they had also sung in their third grade concert. Last year the students sang it in two-part harmony. This year, the students challenged themselves, singing it in three-part harmony, a very challenging task, which they did incredibly well! Thank you also to North Side music teacher Rachel May who accompanied the students on the cello.

Congratulations And Commendations
Last month, 15 Wheatley students attended the Nassau County Regional DECA Competition. Students competed against 17 other Long Island school districts in various business related categories. Three students qualified to participate in the State Competition to be held on March 4 – 6 in Rochester. Wheatley senior Joshua Jacobs qualified to compete in the Marketing Management category and sophomores Joseph Dinetz and Justin Spar qualified to compete in the Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team category.

The competitors were given specific case studies, which they had 20-30 minutes to review. Based on the information given to them they had to prepare for a “role play” type presentation. Students were judged on their communication, analytical and production skills, as well as their professional manner and ability to support their ideas and answer detailed questions, on the spot. The judges were all local business professionals. We are extremely proud of our qualifiers and are excited to see them compete at the DECA State competition. Congratulations as well to DECA advisor and Wheatley business teacher Kristen Malik.

As always, email me at kanase@ewsdonline.org or call me at 516-333-3758 with any questions, suggestions and/or any topics you would to see publicized.

From The Desk Of Elaine Kanas

East Williston School Superintendent Elaine Kanas

East Williston School Superintendent Elaine Kanas

Academic Vocabulary
Last year, the East Williston School District undertook an academic vocabulary effort across the three buildings. Steering Towards Success is a program being implemented at the Willets Road School that supports the academic vocabulary initiative in our middle school. The goal of the program is to not only introduce children to academic vocabulary, but to also encourage and inspire each student to incorporate the new words into their own daily language. The Willets Road staff collaborates on this project school-wide, eager to make expanding one’s vocabulary contagious throughout the building. [Read more…]

Mario Cuomo 1932-2015

With the passing of former Governor Mario Cuomo, an era in New York politics has come to an end. Along with his former rival and sometime ally Ed Koch, Cuomo defined New York politics throughout the 1980s. His relationship with Long Island voters was hot and cold. Cuomo’s was the classic New York story: The son of a grocery store proprietor in Ozone Park, Cuomo, as with any New York boy of his generation, grew up idolizing Joe DiMaggio to the point where he starred in baseball at St. John’s University and even played minor league baseball in the Pittsburgh Pirates farm system. [Read more…]

A Republican Vote For Haber

As a registered Republican for many years, who is crossing party lines to vote for Adam Haber for state senate, I feel compelled to write this letter regarding the current negative smear campaign that Senator Jack Martins (R-Mineola) seems to be running against Haber as it has contributed to my decision to cross party lines and vote for Haber. [Read more…]

A Mensch

We all have friends who are people we like, or they wouldn’t be our friends. But how many of us have friends who enrich our lives and make us proud of their acts of generosity and kindness? How many can we describe using the word “honorable” and who epitomize the spirit of Tzedakah or charity?

I have one and his name is Adam Haber.  Adam made money on Wall Street and unlike many, decided that the blessings he received came with a responsibility: to help others. So, one day in 2003 he read in the newspaper, as did many, about a Holocaust museum in Indiana called CANDLES (Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Experiments Survivors), which had been spray painted “remember Timothy McVeigh” and then torched. Unlike all the others who read the story, Adam immediately contacted the Holocaust survivor who founded the museum and then paid for the restoration. [Read more…]

Nassau v. Morely Park

For months now a small group of “NIMBYists” and Nassau County have been trying to destroy a forested area of Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn. What is most disturbing about this, is the lack of “due diligence” on the part of the county administration and legislature before making a decision that would place an industrial facility in the East side of the park and the destruction of about 48 mature trees in an area used by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub scouts for camping and other outdoor activities. This area also contains a nature trail used by hundreds of Nassau Residents to enjoy the beauty of the forest.

How did this all start? In the end of last  year, Roslyn Water Company, during a routine water quality test, found “traces” of Freon-22 at well head #4. Samples of the water were sent to DEC and Nassau Department of Health. It was determine that he amounts of volatile material did not constitute any danger to the public.

The Roslyn Water Company decide to forestall any possible concerns by building an “Air Stripper” on their property which already contains a water storage tank in Roslyn Estates. In essence, the Freon-22 will be removed from the water supply and disperse into the air in benign amounts.

This solution was sent to the Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment of the Nassau Department of Health for evaluation. The used  standards and data from the U.S. Department of Environmental  Protection and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for their evaluation.

The result was, as noted in an internal  letter in the Nassau County Department of Health, dated February 21, 2014; “….Exposure to Freon-22 in air associated with the operation of the planned treatment system (Air Stripper) is not expected to cause adverse health effects in nearby residents, even after a lifetime of continuous exposure”.

Since there is no health justification for putting he Air Stripper into the park, we a calling on all elected officials of Nassau County and  New York State to kill this proposal NOW! Let Roslyn Water Company place the facility on the property in Roslyn Estates or wherever but not in a public park.

Bruce Piel


Park Advocacy & Recreation Council of Nassau (PARCnassau)

Crossing The Aisle

Last year, I was selected as a Nassau County Senior Citizen of the Year. When I was in in Albany receiving my award, I was told that Jack Martins, my state senator, wanted to meet me in the Senate chamber. He was very courteous, gave me a tour of the room, and told me the history of the chamber. In all fairness, Michelle Schimel did the same in the Assembly, but she already had my vote; Jack Martins didn’t. The extreme partisan politics in both Albany and Washington make it very difficult for any of us, voters as well as legislators, to cross party lines. [Read more…]

Fresh Ideas & Leadership

I have lived in Roslyn for 29 years. I have been very impressed with the fresh ideas Adam Haber has brought to our School Board. He pushed us to refinance our debt, consolidate our bus routes, and renegotiate our broadcast rights with Cablevision. These ideas were all unique to Roslyn, and they started with Adam Haber. I voted to put him on the Board of Education five years ago because he promised he would find new ways to save money, and he delivered. We haven’t cut teachers, we’ve preserved and added programs, and our district has boasted the lowest budgetary increases in Nassau each year he’s been on our Board. [Read more…]