Warnings Over Screen Addiction

EW_093015ABy Dr. Elaine Kanas


Periodically I will take the liberty of sharing articles I run across that I think might be of interest to you. Two such articles are Jane E. Brody pieces from the Personal Health section of the New York Times on screen time and children, Screen Addiction is Taking a Toll on Children, July 6, 2015 New York Times and Limit Children’s Screen Time, and Your Own, July 14, 2015 New York Times. The July 6 article presents some thought-provoking research and concerns regarding problems inherent in not limiting recreational screen time (phones, T.V., internet, video games, etc.) for children and teenagers. The July 14 article provides recommendations for planning device-free family activities that help parents control children’s screen use more effectively. [Read more…]

Second Chances


I generally tend to steer clear of Washington, D.C. politics in these letters with you. It’s seems a strenuous enough task for me to navigate our collective boats through Albany waters. To also muse on the gridlock taking place on the Potomac might just be asking for trouble, especially these days, when discussing national politics brings out the worst in people on both sides of the aisle. [Read more…]

Averting Tragedy


These days we hear the word “tragedy” thrown about frequently in the press. Every natural disaster, calamity or heartbreaking accident gets immediately tagged in headlines as being tragic. While there’s certainly enough bad news to go around, I can’t help but think back to what I learned in high school literature class: that a “tragedy” in its truest sense was some downfall or ruin caused by the character himself, that the person was somehow responsible for his or her own undoing. [Read more…]

The Benefits Of A PMR

Robin_072215By Robin Liebowitz


A Personal Medical Record (PMR), is a tool used in collecting, tracking and sharing past and up to date information about one’s health. It may be either in paper form which can easily be stored at home with other important documents, or in electronic form which is the most current and appropriate.

Keeping a PMR is important because it encourages you to be proactive and more informed in your personal health. It is worth noting that it is inevitably impossible that you’ll only have one doctor throughout your life time as most of us change doctors and are being followed by several doctors simultaneously. It’s prudent to keep a PMR because you can bring it with you on scheduled visits to specialists, new doctors, or an impromptu trip to the emergency room. The question is what type of information should one keep in a PMR? The following is pertinent information that needs to be contained in a PMR:

• Bio Data: Name, contacts (address and telephone), date of birth, social security number, blood type and emergency contacts

• Physicians Visited: This includes name and contacts of Opticians, Dentists, and other practitioners visited in the past

• Documentation and Dates of Specific Surgeries and /or Illnesses: Include important documents, hospital addresses and dates

Information on Health Insurance

• Vital Diagnosis and Results: Such as optical and dental results including dates tested

• Advice of Specialists Visited: Include dates

• Results of Past Diagnosis and Screenings: Include dates

• Physical Examination and Results: Include dates

• List of Medications and Drugs Administered to date: Treatments, Immunizations, among others, with dates

• Reactions/Allergies to Certain Drugs and/or food

• Authorization of Organ Donation: Include documentation with dates

• Family Hereditary Health History: Include important events and dates such as, lost mother to breast cancer at 48, father has high blood pressure and other pertinent information

Medical practitioners or health care institutions that provide PMR’s must do it in line with laws that protect patient’s medical privacy such as the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, and also have lay down standards to ensure that medical information is properly secured.

Although the American Health Information Management Association (AHMA) provides a software or web-based personal medical record, there are also numerous software and apps for keeping track of personal medical info, a handful are free and others are low cost and are mostly available in iOS and Android gadgets some of which are: Track My Medical Records, iBlueButton, Capzule PHR, My Medical, among others. After putting together your PMR, perhaps with one of the aforementioned tools, you should try as much as possible to always update it with future medical records.

In all, a PMR, provides easier means for your personal health history to be conveniently accessible by health care providers and most times, this information can save you time and money in carrying out routine medical tests and can also help avert any detrimental health contingency. To get better control of one’s health, it is important to keep a PMR. To receive a complimentary PMR Booklet, please contact me at robin@roslynacupuncture.com.


Earth Day At North Side

By Dr. Elaine Kanas,

East Williston School District

EW_062415AOn June 12, North Side held its biannual Earth Day Extravaganza. Every two years North Side dedicates a day in the spring to celebrate Earth Day in a big way. Each grade has a special schedule throughout the day with varied activities that teach Earth Day themes and concepts. The activities are developed and presented by the North Side staff and several outside entities, including programs put on by the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island Science Center, Alley Pond Environmental Center, Mad Science, Nature Nick, PAWS and Eric Powers. [Read more…]

A Prompt Reply

This is the subject of a letter written recently to Village of East Hills board members, one that was published in last week’s issue of The Roslyn News. It is with much appreciation that I write to thank Steve Kafka, chairman of traffic and safety; Clara Pomerantz, board of trustees and Michael Koblenz, mayor, for their immediate and constructive response to a concern of many.

The letter was addressed within days — by phone, in writing, and in a driveway visit. How impressive and encouraging is this response to the safety and well-being and quality of the life of our residents.

To address the casual disregard of the speed limit on the longest street in the community, speed monitors have been temporarily placed in various locations on Salem Road. It is hoped that this will serve as a reminder to slow down when in the community and respect and obey the speed limit of 25 mph.

Joan Auerbach


Safety Precautions For Salem Road

Salem Road is the longest street in the East Hills community. It is a straightaway used by resident drivers as a fast route. It is sometimes used by commercial vehicles as a detour. School bus drivers go shockingly fast once they discharge their passengers. Cars drive by at sometimes alarming speeds, leaving in their wake children, dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and baby strollers. Heads turn and necks crane when people hear the whoosh of a vehicle speeding by. [Read more…]

Honors For Albertson Firemen

Firemen_04315ALast month, North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, Councilman Peter Zuckerman and Receiver of Taxes Charles Berman all honored a dozen members of the Albertson Hook and Ladder Company at their 105th annual Installation Dinner. The event was held at The Royalton in Roslyn Heights. [Read more…]

Special Passover Celebration

Sinai_04815AThis year, Temple Sinai added yet another way to embrace Passover. In this case, the event is called “Passover with Pals.” The temple hosted a seder for special needs children. Although this was the first year, it was clear that a new tradition has begun. In the words of one of the parents, “Thank you for such an engaging and interactive seder for the Chazak children. It was a great evening and the kids were really involved. The food was delicious too!” [Read more…]

Goal Setting And Reviews

-By Elaine Kanas, East Williston School District Superintendent

At this time of year, the instructional and administrative staff is busy reviewing our progress on the 2014-15 district instructional goals to make sure we are on-track to complete our SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound goals) that we have committed to for the year and/or to make any necessary adjustments in our action planning. (Go to our website at www.ewsdonline.org for more information.
Recent North Side, Willets Road and Wheatley faculty meetings put aside time to review this year’s goals and initiate discussions regarding SMART goals for the next school year, 2015-16.

The SMART goals support our broad goals, which usually remain constant over several years.

This month and next, building administrators, department chairs, directors and I will be reviewing feedback from the faculty meetings and formulating the draft district goals plan for 2015-’16. Before finalizing, building administrators and I will meet with each of the content area departments for additional input.

After our new District Goals Plan is finalized, we create a staff development plan for the 2015-’16 school year that directly supports the accomplishment of the goals we have set directly to student growth and achievement.

Congratulations Fourth Grade Singers
Congratulations to North Side music teacher Ed Lattari and the fourth grade chorus students. Not only was the music performed so well, but also all the learning the students had done was quite evident. In one example, as explained by one of the student narrators, the chorus chose to sing a song in this year’s concert (Oh Music) that they had also sung in their third grade concert. Last year the students sang it in two-part harmony. This year, the students challenged themselves, singing it in three-part harmony, a very challenging task, which they did incredibly well! Thank you also to North Side music teacher Rachel May who accompanied the students on the cello.

Congratulations And Commendations
Last month, 15 Wheatley students attended the Nassau County Regional DECA Competition. Students competed against 17 other Long Island school districts in various business related categories. Three students qualified to participate in the State Competition to be held on March 4 – 6 in Rochester. Wheatley senior Joshua Jacobs qualified to compete in the Marketing Management category and sophomores Joseph Dinetz and Justin Spar qualified to compete in the Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team category.

The competitors were given specific case studies, which they had 20-30 minutes to review. Based on the information given to them they had to prepare for a “role play” type presentation. Students were judged on their communication, analytical and production skills, as well as their professional manner and ability to support their ideas and answer detailed questions, on the spot. The judges were all local business professionals. We are extremely proud of our qualifiers and are excited to see them compete at the DECA State competition. Congratulations as well to DECA advisor and Wheatley business teacher Kristen Malik.

As always, email me at kanase@ewsdonline.org or call me at 516-333-3758 with any questions, suggestions and/or any topics you would to see publicized.