School Construction Services Approved

The Roslyn School Board recommended the approval of payments to the firm, Park East Construction Corporation at Thursday night’s board meeting at Roslyn High School. The payments were for construction management services and reimbursements rendered to the district pertaining to various projects. [Read more...]

Common Core Gets An “F”

Common Core Gets An ‘F’

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting with New York State Senator Kemp Hannon recently to discuss our significant concerns with the Common Core Curriculum. The senator graciously agreed to meet and spent almost an hour with us, listening to the issues associated with the curriculum.

By now, I am certain that most readers are familiar with some of the problems inherent with the curriculum. Chief among them are the lack of input from educators, early childhood experts and a completely unproven and untested curriculum, despite dubious claims by the creators that they are internationally benchmarked. The absence of such expertise is readily apparent, given the inappropriate expectations imposed upon our youngest students and the subsequent pressure placed on students and teachers alike to produce high marks on state testing. Schools are placed in the untenable position to produce high scores or risk placement on a “school watch list,” which gives them the option to improve during a specified time period or close the school. Given the grave consequences associated with poor scores, it may not be surprising to learn that several superintendents in large cities, such as Atlanta, El Paso, Washington D.C, and New York, have been implicated or indicted for cheating on these tests. We have created a climate in which true education has been trumped by a vague test score without meaning.

What you may not know is that the only two educators on the validation committee, Dr. James Milgram and Dr. Sandra Stotsky, refused to sign off on the standards, reporting that they would leave graduating seniors woefully unprepared for a selective four year university. In fact, Jason Zimba, the creator of the math standards, admitted that the standards are not appropriate for selective universities, even if the student is not pursuing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Degree.

During the course of our conversation, Sen. Hannon remarked that there seemed to be a lack of consensus among his constituents regarding Common Core. Based on the fact that there were close to 30,000 state test refusals in the spring 2014 for Long Island alone, I know that this is not the case. However, if constituents do not reach out to elected officials to express their disapproval, they are left in the dark regarding our concerns. How can they effectively represent us if we do not communicate the issues facing us?

To this end, I urge any readers who share our concerns to please reach out to Sen. Hannon, or your own representative, to discuss the current state of our educational system. To reach Senator Hannon, you may visit his website at or call his office at 516-739-1700.

Valerie DiCaprio


Thursday, Oct. 2


Dance Program


The LISMA Foundation is presenting a dance program called Bluebird Seeing Happiness.  Presented by LISMA and J Dance this program will focus on the search for happiness through dance and performance.  It is free and will be held in our concert hall at 1125 Willis Ave., Albertson.  If you need additional information, contact 516-625-3455. [Read more...]

New Beginning For School Of Rock

Roslyn is home to all sorts of creative people. Those who have a talent for music can go to many places, including The Roslyn School of Rock, an institution that has been at 154 Mineola Ave. for the past four years. [Read more...]

Charity Run/Walk October 25

Applications are now available for the 7th Annual Tom Zangas Memorial Lung Cancer Foundation/Archangel Michael 5K/1K Run/Walk on Saturday, Oct. 25, at 9 a.m., at Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn.  [Read more...]

Roslyn Falls To Manhasset

This Saturday, the Roslyn Bulldogs will travel to Levittown to battle Division High School, where they hope to reverse the disappointing showing last weekend at Manhasset, where the Bulldogs lost to the Indians, 48-6. [Read more...]

Pack A Backpack

My family and I, who are Roslyn residents, have volunteered at The Interfaith Nutrition (INN) for many years. The INN has shelters and soup kitchens around Long Island that assist those who are hungry and homeless. [Read more...]

Early Childhood Center Taking Students

The school year is underway and smiles are everywhere at the Early Childhood Center of Temple Beth Sholom of Roslyn. The children are becoming familiar with their routine; they are making new friends, learning so many things and are taking full advantage of the fall weather, playing on a big playground. [Read more...]

Self Taught Roslyn Artist

Roslyn resident Freida Navarro describes herself as a ìlate bloomerî in her artwork. Pictured here are some of her most recent work.

“I basically am self taught, did complete the Interior Design Program, with a diploma at Long Island University,” she said. ìI also am a certified Yoga Teacher, and have various creative interests.

“I consider myself a student of life and art, learning every day,” she continued. “[In] painting, I’m a late bloomer. [It] evolved from my love of nature, photography and design.”

The Boat House

The Boat House





Around Roslyn

Around Roslyn

 Here are photos from the successful Roslyn High School 2014 Homecoming. The Bulldogs defeated Great Neck North, 34-6 and the award-winning band performed at halftime.